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Ansat passenger version certificated

AnsatIn late December 2014, the Russian Helicopters holding company announced the completion of the certification of a passenger version of the Ansat light multipurpose helicopter equipped with the hydro-mechanical control system. The machine got a supplementary type certificate issued by the IAC Aircraft Registry allowing it commercial passenger operations.

The Ansat has been in production by Kazan Helicopters since 2004. The first six production-standard helicopters were delivered to South Korea, with five more to Russian buyers. All of them had the advanced KSU-A fly-by-wire control system. The same system fits the Ansat-U twin-controls wheeled landing gear trainer helicopters that have been in production since 2009 for the Russian Defence Ministry.

Unfortunately, despite the obvious advantages of the KSU-A-equipped Ansat, the machine has been unable to win recognition on the commercial market, for it is ahead of its time: commercial helicopters with a FBW control system have never been certificated before, and even the basic requirements to this cutting-edge system have not been worked out in the world.

To facilitate the helicopter's hitting the market, therefore, a decision was taken to adjust the Ansat programme with account for the available requirements to the traditional hydro-mechanical control system. The installation of the latter did not result in a weight increase in the helicopter or in a change to its characteristics.

Two prototypes (PT-07 and PT-08) were made. They kicked off their ground and flight tests in 2011. The limited category certification of the hydro-mechanical control system-equipped Ansat version was crowned with the issuance of the supplementary type certificate on 22 August 2013, which paved the machine the way to customers, but was not enough for revenue passenger services. Now, the limitation is no more.

The supplementary type certificate issued in December 2014 confirms the compliance of the Ansat's standard design with the air rules and certificates the modifications to the standard design. In particular, the passenger version of the Ansat has an upgraded stability improvement system, a takeoff weight increase up to 3,600 kg and newly-installed passenger carriage equipment. The modifications improved the flight performance of the helicopter and made it attractive and competitive on the international market.

"We decided to offer our customers a comfortable and reliable light helicopter with the traditional hydro-mechanical control system", says Vadim Ligai, Director General, Kazan Helicopters / deputy Director General, Russian Helicopters. "The certification of the Ansat's passenger version equipped with the hydro-mechanical control system opens bright vistas for the machine’s promotion and commercial operation on the global market".

The delivery of the helicopter is to commence on 2015.

(Photo: Russian Helicopters)

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