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1-toTake-off magazine June 2005
special edition for Paris Air Show 2005

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Victory Air Parade over the Red Square
Tu-204-300 awarded Type Certificate
Belarus celebrates Victory Day and demonstrates upgraded aircraft
Su-27UBM1 debuts near Minsk

Second An-148 prototype joins flight test programme
RRJ to first fly in autumn 2006
An-140 operated in three countries now
A380 makes first flight
Airbus considers outsourcing A350 development work to Russia
Boeing promoting 787 to Russian market

Viktor Subbotin:
The aircraft we are developing will meet the highest western standards
The Russian Regional Jet (RRJ) project, under development by Sukhoi company subsidiary Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, is one of the most dynamic aviation programmes – and certainly the most ambitious one – in the newest history of Russia. It sets quite a number of precedents in contemporary Russian aircraft industry, what with its heavy reliance on western partners, the plan to promote the airplane in the western market, and the unusually tough self-imposed timeframe. Quite understandably, the RRJ programme faces many sceptics in Russia. We asked Viktor Subbotin, Director General, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and RRJ Programme Director, to update our readers on the status of the programme and explain the reasons behind the developers' optimism

Russian 2004 arms sales topped $5.6 billion
Su-30MKM replace US fighters
Flying testbed for China
Russian helicopters for Venezuela
India waits for three A-50Es
Mi-171A obtains Brazil’s Certificate
Spain takes in two more Ka-32s
IAF MiG-21bis upgrade contract fulfilled
KSAMC plans new An-74 deliveries to Africa
Kiev resumes An-32 production

Paris debut of Su-27SKM
Warplanes developed by the Sukhoi design bureau have long been known to participants in and visitors of the world’s leading air show at Le Bourget. As far back as 1989, production Su-27 and Su-27UB fighters made their debut here. 1993 saw the Su-30MK multirole fighter’s demonstrator unveiled here, 1995 – the Su-32 (Su-34) multirole tactical strike aircraft and 1997 – the Su-37 super-manoeuvrable fighter. The Su-30MKI super-manoeuvrable fighter arrived to Le Bourget in 1999 and the Su-30MKK in 2001. Alas, the latter’s full-scale demonstration was disrupted by legal claims of Swiss company Noga. The aircraft had to return home urgently. There were no Sukhoi fighters at the 45th Le Bourget air show for the same reason. Now that all legal claims have been settled, Sukhoi again demonstrates a combat aircraft of its own in the skies of Paris. This time it is the Su-27SKM upgraded singleseat multirole fighter.
The RusAF has recently reinducted the first Su-27 fighters upgraded to Su-27SM standard. Simultaneously, Russia has begun international promotion of the Su-27SKM version. Andrey Fomin reviews the Su-27SM upgrade programme and details the new capabilities of the RusAF’s advanced single-seater and its export mate, which will be displayed at this year’s Paris Air Show for the first time

RusAF CINC on 2004 results and objectives for 2005–06
Spring is time for training
The Kuznetsov again to sea
Su-34 production launched
RusAF to receive new Ka-50s
RusAF can get about 50 Mi-28Ns by 2010
MiG-29OVT undergoing tests
China tests AWACS

Yak-130: combat trainer of new century
A second production-configuration aircraft of prospective combat trainer Yakovlev Yak-130 has entered the flight trials in April this year. Work is underway under the contract with the Russian Air Force that selected the Yak-130 for service with its flight schools. In May, the new aircraft was submitted for the official trials slated to wrap up next year, after which the aircraft will be fielded. Under the concept of the Yakovlev design bureau, the Yak-130 designed for advanced flight training of military pilots, as well as for training them in combat tactics, is an element of the training complex comprising the Yak-152 (Yak-52M) primary trainer, a ground simulator and a computerised classroom.
Having landed the contract with RusAF, Yakovlev is concurrently promoting the Yak-130 on the global market in cooperation with the Irkut company, with the Rosoboronexport state-owned company as an intermediary. India, Malaysia and, possibly Algeria, as well as some other countries are believed to be potential buyers of the advanced combat trainer. The Yak-130 is promoted on the market along with the Irkut-manufactured Su-30MK multirole fighters. Thus, the customer is offered a set of a world-best fighter and a full set of training hardware for pilots to fly it. Of the hardware, the key thing is the Yak-130 combat trainer that can be used as a light combat aircraft, if need be.
Andrey Yurgenson and Andrey Fomin review the RusAF trainer contest in which Yak-130 became eventual winner, dwell on Yakovlev’s cooperation with Aermacchi, describe the parameters and market prospects of the Yak-130

Tu-334 to be built in Kazan
Ansat goes into series production
R-R and Turbomeca for Kamov
Mi-38 testing continues
Redesigned Su-80 bracing itself for trials
Be-103 setting off for long road
Il-114 flying testbed
First Il-76TD re-engined with PS-90s
Burlak accomplishes first ground testing phase

LAAD 2005
Not on coffee alone. Notes from LAAD 2005
Brazil's role in the contemporary world is increasing by the year. Suffice it to mention that the country is currently seeking permanent membership of the UN Security Council, alongside Germany, India and Japan. This makes the LAAD (Latin America Aero & Defence) exhibition, held in Rio de Janeiro every odd spring, all the more important. Our observer Alexander Velovich was among the few Russian aviation journalists to visit this year's LAAD. In this article he shares his impressions of the event.

New crew at ISS
Baikonur marks 50th anniversary

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