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19-toTake-off magazine February 2011
special edition for Aero India 2011


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MiG-29K in service with Indian navy

Right choice for Indian Air Force

Four new Su-34s arrived to Lipetsk
First batch of production Ka-52s delivered to RusAF
121 ARP ramps up Su-25SM production

Sea Dragon over Indian Ocean
All five Il-38SDs enter service with Indian Navy

Chinese trainers with Russian pedigree

Prospect of Russian Helicopters
Second Mi-38 has flown
PD-14: core engine tests launched

Motor Sich engines for India

Tikhomirov-NIIP AESA ready for flight tests
Interview with Tikhomirov-NIIP Director General Yury Bely

558 ARP offers Satellite

First production SuperJets built
Tu-204SM flown!
First export An-148s built
Second Tu-214PU built in Kazan
MC-21 got 190 orders in 2010

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