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MC-21 fleshing out

_This year's key event in Russia's commercial aircraft industry is to be the roll-out of the first flying prototype of the advanced MC-21 short/medium-haul airliner being developed by the Irkut corporation. The mating of the fuselage of the first MC-21-300 was in full swing at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant this summer. The aircraft is being developed by numerous subsidiaries of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) with active cooperation of other domestic and foreign subcontractors. If all goes to plan, the MC-21-300 will perform its maiden flight in mid-2016 and may receive its certification and commence its deliveries in 2018.

Il-112V to start tests in 2017

_United Aircraft Corporation's Ilyushin company and VASO plant started manufacturing of the future Ilyushin Il-112V light tactical airlifter prototypes under the contract with Russian Ministry of Defence signed a year ago, in November 2014.

As is known, Ilyushin began the development of the Il-112V, using the requirements specification released as far back as 2003. As far back as 10 years ago, the aircraft passed the conceptual design and mock-up manufacture milestones followed by the devising of the detailed design documentation for the airframe and systems to the extent relevant for the construction of prototypes. VASO launched the production facilities preparation, but due to the protracted work, lack of the powerplant (Klimov TV7-117ST turboprop engines) and modified requirements, the Defence Ministry decided in May 2010 to put the programme's funding on a backburner. By then, about 95% of the design documentation had been devised, VASO had designed 24% and made 21% of the production accessories, and manufacture of parts for prototypes had begun.

First Yak-130s arrive in Bangladesh

_Irkut Corp. launched the delivery of Yakovlev Yak-130 combat trainers to Bangladesh in September 2015. Rostec's Director General Sergei Chemezov told journalists when touring the shops of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant recently: "The shipping of the first batch of Yak-130s to Bangladesh will start on 17 September: six out of 16 aircraft ordered will be shipped." According to Bangladeshi sources, Russian transport aircraft An-124-100 Ruslan and Il-76TD-90VD of the Volga-Dnepr air carrier arrived in the country on 20 September, carrying the first Yak-130 batch and associated equipment.

100th SSJ100 built

_The presentation of another production-standard Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliner took place in Sukhoi Civil Aircarft Company (SCAC) Komsomolsk-on-Amur-based primary production facility in early October 2015. The aircraft had manufacturer serial number (MSN) 95100, which means it is the 100th SSJ100 built. The 100th airliner was complete this summer and it conducted its first flight on 16 September 2015. The aircraft is due to start flying for the Aeroflot carrier in 2016, with the Russian flag carrier already having 20 Superjets flying scheduled services. At present, there are over 50 SSJ100 operated by such Russian airlines as Aeroflot, Yakutia, Gazprom Avia, Red Wings as well as Mexican airline Interjet. The Russian-operated Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional airliners programme attained an important objective in May 2015, when the collective flight time of their commercial passenger operations launched in April 2011 exceeded 100,000 flight hours.

PD-14 gearing up for maiden flight

_The full-scale example of the advanced PD-14 turbofan engine designed to power the Irkut MC-21 short/medium-haul airliner and other future aircraft was unveiled at the stand of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) during the MAKS 2015 air show held in late August. Engine No. 100-05 with the reverser an engine nacelle was on display. With the air show over, the exhibit was brought back to the city of Perm and subjected to the small/medium bird ingestion and fan blade-off certification tests.

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